Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Baby surprise

In the last post Larry updated the weights of the Guinea pigs. Cookie was noticeably heavier than S'mores, and we noticed she was quite a bit fatter than S'mores, but little did we know - Cookie was pregnant.  We never knew this and the vet who weighted them didn't pick up on that either.
One evening, Larry is looking at the piggies and realizes....there's an extra piggy in there!

We realize through backwards math, that she must have been newly pregnant when we adopted her.....as far as we knew both of our adopted Guinea pigs were girls. We started to do some research on babies, and then realize that they are sexually mature by week 3! If this new little piggy is a boy, we could have a lot more piggies on our hand.

We thought about bringing the baby to the vet that had seen Cookie and S'mores, but we're not excited about the expense, so I contacted the zoo keeper we adopted the, from and told him about our surprise baby.  He was surprised that a Guinea pig that young had given birth, and to bring them all by so he could sex the baby and do a double take on S'mores.....make sure she's a girl too.  

Only 9 weeks after trekking out to the zoo to adopt the girls, we were making a return trip to visit the zoo keeper again! The new baby had been named Twiggy, which worked for whether it was a boy or girl. If Twiggy was a boy, we were going to have to get him neutered, which is an ordeal I'm itself since he has to be older before they can do it.  The best outcome would be if Twiggy was a girl.

The zoo keeper picked up each piggy and examined them and proclaimed our herd to be ALL GIRLS....Hallelujah!  

We originally just wanted the 2 piggies, but apparently the universe decided, we really needed 3. All are happy and healthy. Wheek! Wheek! Wheek!

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