Thursday, September 14, 2017

Update: Piggies

Brief update:  The guinea pigs are adjusting to their new homes.  They make more noises and get excited when Alice and Cristy put out their veggies.  They have a new crinkle tunnel they enjoy running in, plus the ramp is a favorite for their running from second floor to frist.  So its mostly good times.  Smores has a sore place on her noise we are treating with medicine and extra vitamin C.  Cookie looks fine though.  Alice is really showing responsibility with their care, and the fleece lining that Cristy made is really working out great.

Smores was just under 300g at her Vet visit, and Cookie was over 500g.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Our Hurricane twins

Hurricane Harvey hit the Austin area on August 19th. Luckily for us, it was just wind gusts and rain.  It was also the day Alice and I were originally scheduled to be in Dallas for the meet and greet. Alice had been having sever stomach pains all week, so she agreed a trip to Dallas was not the best idea.  However, she was greatly bummed about missing the event.
To cheer her up, Larry called the Capitol of Texas zoo and asked if we could come by that day to adopt a couple of Guinea pigs. The zoo keeper said he would be there holding down the fort (literally) so we could swing by after lunch.
With the weather forecast predicting "squalls" all day, we all piled into our small Prius and headed towards Bastrop.  The car ride was not too bad....just rain and wind like I mentioned before, but the last mile or so was on less maintained road, and then a muddy gravel road to the park, but I call my car "the little Prius that could..."
The entrance building had about a foot of standing water in the walkway so we had to do a balancing act on the side landscape timbers to get into the building.
We zoo keeper met us and brought us 2 young female Guinea pigs, one was a short haired black and white and the second was a longer haired tricolor.  The tricolor immediately was named S'more. The black and white was originally named Harley (like Harvey...the hurricane, but more feminine) but was renamed Cookie within the week.
We look forward to taking these cuties and having years of fun with them.
Meet our Hurricane Harvey twins....Cookie and S'Mores.