Monday, July 24, 2017

Puppy surprise

The day started like a normal Saturday morning. The family took their time getting up in the morning, and went out for breakfast.  We came home and I (mom) lingered out front and picked a few weeds before coming into the house. Alice comes running up to me and states excitedly "there are 3 puppies in our yard!"  I, of course thought she was pulling my leg, so I went outside. To my surprise, Larry was corralling 3 puppies.

We are unsure how they got into our yard, but Alice quickly began to mother them and names were established. Simba was the natural leader of the group, Marie was more dainty but still adventurous, and shy Gus Gus.  It was only hours later that we realized these were all Disney animated character names.

Cupcake and Pepper were extremely wary of the puppy bomb that was set off at their home.  We knew Cupcake was scaring Pepper with stories about how she was no longer the cute one in the house and now no one would love her. Eventually, Cupcake and Pepper settled down and decided to tolerate the puppies, because - who can resist such cuteness?

We spent the entire day holding, playing, fussing over the puppies and Alice got quite attached.  We fantasied  about being their foster family, and Alice dreamed about keeping all the puppies.....but it was not meant to be.  Later in the day we saw a sign posted in the neighborhood looking for 3 lost puppies.

We called to let them know their puppies were safe, and said our final good byes.  The family came to pick them up and it turned out that Alice knew the little boy from her kindergarten class a few years back. Alice was sad, but it was a fun and memorable day.