Monday, May 8, 2017

Spring 2017

Alice has had a nice spring this year.  She has sleep-overs nearly every week-end, and play-dates most weeks.  She has a nice varied group of friends.  She continues to enjoy her music lessons with Ms. Tracy, and we've been spending hours at a time outside swinging from the tree, usually having conversations about anything and everything.  She's pushing to be more independent and usually walks home after school now.  She has also been practicing on her bike and has a small but growing range of freedom for exploring and practicing.

Alice still maintains her fairly recent appreciation of Olive Garden and prefers it to any other restaurant, so we go there more frequently than in the past.  Although its P. Terry burgers if she gets anything she wants... plus the chocolate shake of course.

Also... don't want to ever forget the budding chemistry interest.  Alice, like many others, is really loving playing with slime this spring.  She has been looking up and experimenting with numerous online recipes.  She keeps most of the results in old yogurt containers in a stack in the play room with creative and interesting names.

Also... she just finished her second after school coding club session (daddy was proud, certificate for office wall!, but Alice mostly goes for the social hang-out I think, whatever coding activities they do she seems to do easily).

Its really been a wonderful year being a parental unit.  Good times.