Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Random Entry

Just wanted to record some observations regarding 2nd grade Alice, off the top of my head, this morning before they slip away with so many others.

Alice has a couple new pairs of PJs that she loves.  They are both winter heavy and soft, with the built in feet.  One is an Owl and the other is a kitty.  They are very warm so she often needs to sleep with the fan all the way up and only a sheet; that is how much she likes these PJs :-)

Lately Alice often worries about Cupcake and his perceived persecution from his newly adopted sister puppy.  She will lift him up onto chairs, which Pepper is still too small to reach.  Or she'll take him back to her room for music videos, leaving little sister in the kitchen with Dad.  She is really good with Pepper though and is practicing good training techniques, and does her best.

She is exploring her boundaries a bit with after school homework.  Our default program is to complete any school assigned homework first, then depending on whether Dad thinks the school assigned enough home work or not, more will be added ;-)  Usually the additional homework consists of a math quiz or the exploration and discussion of a specific topic, which takes more prep so its usually a math quiz.  She has suggested lately to make a graph of pop star genre popularity which was a fine suggestion so we did that.  Lately she is suggesting we do math quizzes using Khan Academy so we are doing that.

Alice loves to make up silly dances.  There is something the Teacher does in Spanish class where a child can make up a dance and everyone else has to mimic it.  Alice enjoys doing this.  There is a girl that doesn't like to dance for some reason, too tough or something and Alice gets a second-grade-mischievous pleasure from making the dances extra silly and goofy so that they annoy this girl even more.

Lastly, she recently hates the word "proper".  She bristles anytime it comes up.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Happy National 'Talk like a Pirate Day'

September 19th is National Talk like a Pirate Day.
The day started off with the end of a friend sleeping over the night before.
Then we attended a Birthday party for another friend at a Skating Rink. (Alice's first time to roller skate)
Then we top if off with dressing Alice up like a pirate and getting a free dozen donut from Krispy Kreme. wheeeeeeee