Tuesday, March 31, 2015

First trip to the ER

Alice loves to swing so, on a Wednesday evening after dinner Alice asks if she can go outside to swing for a few minutes before bed. We say, of course. Dad goes outside with her and mom stayed inside to listen for the cookies in the oven. 
Not long after they go outside, I hear a commotion. At first I'm not sure if it is them playing around or what. It quickly escalates and I realize Alice is crying. I head outside and dad has her in his arms and is carrying her into the house. The final story I will eventually get is that Alice was goofing around on the swing and somehow fell off backward. I asked what hurts and she indicates her hand. I quickly get ice and we get her settled on the rocker with the ice with still much crying.  After a few minutes, I pull the ice away to look at the hand, and I see a bent finger. Larry comes and looks at it and announces, gets your clothes back on ..... We are heading to the ER! 
We head for one of those new 24 hour emergency clinics. There is only 1 other case there besides us.
They get us in quickly, give her some Motrin, and get an X-ray done.  Yep, it's a broken finger, and the doctor decides he needs to go ahead and set it.....which means 2 shots at the base of her finger. Alice is brave, just a little scared. Once the shots are administered, she relaxes immensely.  

Alice begins to liken herself to Buffy for being brave.  Dad tells her " your brave like Buffy, smart like Willow and silly like Xander." Alice likes the comparison.  After 2 hours in the ER, we head home to finally eat those cookies that were cooking when it all happened. 

Next day Alice got to stay home from school. The doctor told us to make an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to follow up, so I called that morning. They saw her X-ray and decided to see her that day. They took another X-ray to verify the set was good, which it was, and gave her a more permanent splint. Now Alice is rockin the look and playing it for all its worth.

I do feel quite lucky that up until this point, we have avoided the ER. Mom did get a nominal concession from Alice saying 'next time mom warns me about a possible danger, I should probably listen'.....we see.