Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas 2014

Christmas break this year the whole family was off for the 2 week break. We headed to Dallas for Christmas with the family and the girls holiday tradition of brunch at Neimans on Christmas Eve. 
The line to meet 'the real Santa' has been growing each year at Neimans on Christmas Eve. This year Alice and I spent an hour waiting 😳, however Alice was an angel.  She never complained about the wait, she just sat down on the floor and played her iPad. 

We had a nice lunch and strolled around the store. Alice saw some mannequins and decided this was a fun photo op. Didi and Patra agreed and we all got in on the fun.

Christmas morning was spent at Gammy and Papas house. Alice got a kareoke mic and a ton of new markers, including a zipper set of sharpies. We love to support her art, and she has gained our trust to use sharpies. Frozen items were also still on the list of wants. Her surprise gift was her Girl Scout Barbie and a book to earn additional Daisy patches.

That afternoon, we went to Aunt Sissy's house to visit the cousins. Alice got her first chemistry set from Gammy and a marker maker set from the cousins.

The day after Christmas was spent at Didi and Pops house. Alice cleaned up with American Girl clothes and accessories and Alice got to see her boy cousins. On a sad note, this year Daniel was not with us. We had told Alice that Daniel was sick, so when Chris shouted out, the minute we arrived that Daniel was dead, Alice needed a few minutes to process. She can still get weepy when she thinks of Daniel since she felt a special bond with him. I told Alice we would create a collage with her and Daniel.....we just need to find the pictures which will be a post for another time.

Alice and I are dreading the return to school and work, and no holiday is completed unless someone gets sick (Larry), but all in all, it was a relaxing break.

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