Thursday, January 30, 2014

Alice's New Product Idea

Alice takes allergy medicine twice a day.  She does not care for it, but, given Austin allergies, she seems to think its worth it, if just barely. One of the ones she takes is "grape" flavored, which Alice describes as grape mixed with something "weird".

While taking her medicine this week she began working a new product idea; a game which she has been playing more frequently.  She informs us that the people making the weird grape flavor must not know what kids like.  She declares that her allergy medicine should be bacon flavored, because kids, clearly, like bacon way more than grapes.

Open letter to the "Claritin Chewable People"

Dear Claritin Chewable people,

Please provide a bacon flavored chewable allergy pill for my daughter.  She prefers bacon to grapes and has a strong feeling that the majority of other children might too.  


Alice's Dad.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Aristocats performance

I really like this picture.  Cristy is getting Alice out of her costume and into play clothes for the after party!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Westcave Preserve

Alice's 6th birthday Part 1

Saturday January 11th we had our family birthday party for Alice's 6th birthday. Since we do not live in the same town as our extended family, Alice likes to have a family party. She had been excited about getting more presents, but the most fun she had was playing with her cousins. All the kids played well together. At one time ALL the kids including the 3 year old twin boys were outside with Alice and her bigger cousins Joci and Juliette. The adults actually got to sit and talk for a while. A big bonus was that Uncle Andy brought Dober Dan to Didi's house so she got to see him too.
Juliette came back to Gammy's house with us to spend the night with Alice. They stayed up till midnight watching tv shows and talking. 
The next day, was Alice's actual birthday. We had planned a surprise for her. We left Gammy's house around 10:45 and headed towards the Galleria. Mom, dad and Alice had lunch plans at the American Girl cafe. Since she got her American Girl doll for Christmas, she has been talking about the cafe she had heard they had. Dad was the only man in the cafe, but dad will do just bout anything for his Alice! After lunch she got to pick out an outfit for her doll.
We headed back home and Alice fell asleep for most of the ride home.