Monday, November 25, 2013

Wild Girls

I'm not exactly sure how it started, but Alice and I have a game she likes to play called "Wild Girls".
This is the story.....

We are two girls who have lost our parents.  We live out in the woods (aka Alice's closet) and we have an odd way of dressing because our parents died when we were very young.  We think panties go our heads, leg warmers go on our arms, and socks go on our hands.
We steal toys and clothes from this man (Larry) who lives in a house near our woods.  He also has a dog we like to capture and take back to the woods with us to hang out.  Sometimes the man sees us and we run around madly and he chases us. He desperately wants to catch us and adopt us, but since we are so wild, he can't ever catch us.  So we keep sneaking into his house and stealing his stuff and taking his dog.
Alice is the older sister and takes care of me (mom) and we speak in a very primitive stunted language. "Me hungry" "Me like doggy" and "me cold". The little sister is afraid of the dark and Alice is always trying to comfort her little sister.
After several raids to "the mans" house, the forest (the closet) gets filled up with toys and clothes.

I always have to put a time limit on this game or Alice would want to play it for hours......

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Patra Philips said...

LOL - she's so creative!