Friday, September 13, 2013

starting kindergarten

Alice started kindergarten this year.

Mom takes her to class every morning, and dad picks her up from school each day.
Dad packs her lunch everyday, except Fridays. Friday is pizza day. All the kids order the pizza on Friday, so Alice asked to have the school lunch once a week on that day.

She is not a big fan of school yet. She would rather stay home with her dad, but who wouldn't?
She has learned the names of a few kids in class, and she tells us stories of how Jack gets in trouble each day :-)

She has asked to have new friends over for a play date, so hopefully we will get something scheduled soon. We have also checked into Girl Scouts for another social opportunity. At the Girl Scout rally Alice saw a girl from her school she has played with on the playground. We are very proud of her making new friends.