Thursday, July 18, 2013


Dressing up and putting on Princess makeup


Playing at the bouncy house

Friday, July 12, 2013

Alice loves the bookstore

Alice loves the bookstore, but she gets bored when dad starts looking at his "boring" not-kid stuff :-)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Alice is into hamburgers

Took Alice to Red Robin for lunch today for some gourmet hamburgers.  She got a bacon cheeseburger and choc milk :-)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Watching shows and hugging puppies

Alice enjoying her morning show :-)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Alice the artist

Alice loves to draw and she loves the Powerpuff Girls. One of her favorite things to do is search on Google Images for various characters, such as the Powerpuff Girls, My Little Ponies, Fairly Odd Parents, etc.... She will spend hours drawing the images on the website.
She wants to get her art out on the web for all to see, so here is one of her latest masterpieces.
Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup - THE POWERPUFF GIRLS!!!!!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Adventure Kids

During the first week of summer Alice and I began telling each other a story.  We talked about the characters, what they looked like, what their skills and abilities were.  Alice provided lots of details while I guided it into a workable form.  We talked over back-stories.  Most of this was during our hours and hours of swinging every day, and while we would drive in my car.

We started telling a story about this group of kids that go on an adventure in a fantasy environment.  Alice named them the "Adventure Kids".  I carry the majority of plot lines but she has to make decisions for her character and respond to questions and other characters while in character.  So the stories are very interactive and anything is possible, to a degree.  We roll dice to see what happens when we feel like it but sometimes we get riffing on the story and don't bother.

Alice took to the mutual story telling right away.  She loves it.  We had some discipline issues initially because she would get upset when we would have to stop for dinner or she would beg for it at all times of the day :-)  We got past this quickly and we now have settled into a daily Adventure Kids session starting around 4 pm, usually running for 1 to 2 hours.

Lately she has started trying her hand at carrying the main story line.  She'll set up a conflict and have everyone react and discuss.  She'll ask me questions about my character and roll, etc.  So, lately I've been GM (i.e. Game Master) for one or two encounters and she runs the final encounter.

I love spending time with her doing this.  It is tiring keeping up with the pace of the story (we'll switch to pre-made adventures soon) but with her doing more its getting pretty fun.  She has creative and funny additions to stories and gets really animated acting out her characters.

This provides us with a great way to be creative together as well as a way to set up ethical dilemmas and talk through them - the game provides consequences to decisions, etc.  I'm really liking it as a tool to discuss difficult topics of behavior and leadership.  The main thing is that it is easy to keep her attention with the story - she loves it and loves building it as we go

UPDATE:  Oh yeah - we also get practice with numbers and subtraction/addition, along with new vocab words.  Probability is in there but I haven't started talking about it directly.

UPDATE:  We went by Great Hall Games in Austin this Wednesday, after our weekly lunch with Cristy, so she could pick out her own dice and dice bag (she wanted her own girly ones... she was tired of using the ones with "boy" colors :-).  She picked out a purple dice bag and has many sparkly dice of different colors.  I was so proud of her .

Super Hero

Alice loves to hear stories about when we were kids. Yesterday I told Alice about the neighborhood where I grew up. All the kids in the neighborhood would dress up as superheroes. We had Wonder Woman, Batman, Spider-Man, Electra Woman and Dinah Girl, etc... Me and my friend Amy loved the Kroft Superstars show Electra Woman and Dinah Girl. We though Dinah Girl was cute so we both played Dinah and made her little sister play the older Electra Woman :-). There is a picture of this in existence, and I will try to remember to post it later. 
Since this story, Alice has wanted to dress up as a superhero. Alice loves the Powerpuff Girls, so we dressed her up in her PPG tee, with tights (because all super heroes wear tights), a cape and Bubbles style ponytails.