Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Camp Part 1

Alice's last day at Bluebonnet was the week before our vacation in May. We decided Alice would stay home with dad for the summer and attend a couple of summer camps each month. The weeks she is not in a camp has been dubbed Daddy Camp. Dad will have to blog about their specific daddy camp events, but from what I can tell, daddy camp is a hit :-)
Alice's first summer camp was acting camp. The play they would be doing was Annie. I was worried Alice would be shy and have a hard time with new teachers and kids, but Alice surprises me daily :-) She LOVED acting camp. Even though she had a small part in the play, she sang loud and proud in all the musical numbers. She also learned most everyone else's part too. The week after acting camp Alice would be a one girl show re-enacting pretty much the entire play.
The next week was gymnastics camp. This camp was only half day, but Alice did great with new teachers and kids. She defiantly liked acting camp better, but this was fun too. We did go ahead and sign her up for another acting camp in August.
The next few weeks are daddy camp weeks. Then we have dance and art camps. Look for Summer Camp  Part 2 later in the summer :-)

UPDATE:  Weeks later and Alice still breaks out in songs from this play while we are driving.  She will also go through all the lines for all the characters of the play on occasion.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Practicing her lines

Alice is Piper (orphan) in Annie during acting camp this summer.