Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cupcake survives!

I know the last post was doom and gloom, and we really were mentally and emotionally getting ready to tell our little man goodbye, but Cupcake turned a corner a few days after the last post.

After the weekend, we took him back to the vet for fluids and evaluation. The vet really didn't expect to see Cupcake back from the weekend. He thought he would crash and that would be the end of Cupcake, but he surprised the vet! His numbers were still high, so the vet game him another antibiotic to try. We were still waiting for test results, although we did get a positive from one test for Rickettsial, a tick born disease.

Monday night, Cupcake began to act a fraction more like himself. So we gave him his medications and crossed our fingers. The next day he was even better. On Wednesday we finally got our diagnosis for Liptospirosis. And so a THIRD antibiotic was added to the regiment in addition to an antacid for upset tummy, and appetite enhancer, and a phosphate binder (since his kidneys are still not working).

So far his lasting symptoms are reduced appetite, some bladder trouble (ie potty accidents) and he drinks too much water and then throws it up (sometimes). He is currently banned from sleeping with Alice until he gets the bladder back under control since Liptospirosis can be transmitted to people through urine, but he is pretty much back to his old self. He plays, he runs and lays out in the sun. We are thankful he made it through.