Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our Little Man

We thought Alice and Cupcake Bailey would grow up together, but things don't always turn out as you had planned. Our happy, playful energetic puppy started feeling poorly on Saturday April 13th. We thought it was just a virus or something and he seemed to perk up a little by Monday, so we held off taking him to the Vet. But by Wednesday, we knew he was still sick and had eaten little in the past 2 days. Larry took him to the vet that morning and spent about 3 hours there waiting for test results. They told us he needed to stay in the hospital overnight so they could give him fluids and antibiotics. We went to see him the next day and were told the antibiotics were not helping so he needed to stay at the vet and we would see again the next day. We visited again on Friday and still received bad news. His white blood cell count was still high. Their general diagnosis was kidney failure, however the cause remains unknown.

We brought him home for the weekend to take care of him ourselves versus taking him to the Emergency clinic for care over the weekend. The only thing they could do for him we could not was give him IV fluids. We know he still feels really bad, but he has tried to keep with some of his routines. He spent a lot of time laying in the sun in the backyard, and Sunday morning he padded back to Alice's room to snuggle in bed under the covers for a while.

Yesterday Alice crawled into his crate with him to give him a hug and whispered into his ear "I've never told you this before, but I love you". She has actually told him this many times :-) She knows he is sick, but is struggling with really understanding what that means.

We are trying to make the most out of our days with Cupcake, but we all know our time is short.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Walking Cupcake Bailey

Alice and daddy took cupcake Bailey on a walk around the neighborhood.