Saturday, January 12, 2013

Alice's 2nd 5th birthday party

Alice was a little bummed that since her first birthday party was during the week and family would not be coming (ie. her cousins), she asked if we could have a party in Dallas with family. Since family members would have liked to come to the party too, we decide we could arrange this. We kept with the Powerpuff Girls theme for party #2.
The family party was attended by: Didi and Pop (at Didi's house), Gammy and Papa, Aunt Papa and Uncle Paul with Chris and Sean, Aunt Sissy with Joci and Juliette, Aunt Jen and Uncle Andy, Aunt Debbie and Jill, long time friend Allison with her SO Greg and their daughter it was a well attended party and Alice got to play with her cousins, and of more presents which I think was the original goal of her request :-)

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