Sunday, January 27, 2013

Disney Trip 2013 - First Plane Ride

We had told Alice that she had to be 5 years old before we would go to Disney. We wanted to make sure she was tall enough and old enough to enjoy all the rides and to be able to remember the trip. So, Alice turned 5 this month and for her birthday present, we went to DisneyWorld.

This was also Alice's first plane trip. We had American Airlines miles which were about to expire, so we splurged and got 1st class round trip tickets. Alice did so great on the plane.

 She entertained herself with her iPad, ate her breakfast on the plane like a world class traveler, and was very patient at our layover in Miami.

When we finally made it to Orlando, we boarded the Disney "Magical Express" bus which shuttled us to the Contemporary Hotel at Disney. Alice finally fell asleep on the bus. We had been up and traveling since 5 am!

We got settled in our room, went exploring, and even rode the monorail. We bought Alice a swimsuit (since mom forgot to pack it ;-) and took her swimming.

The last thing we did before bedtime was to watch the fireworks from our balcony looking out at Cinderella's castle.  It had been a long day but what a spectacular way to cap off the day!

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Kelly said...

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