Saturday, June 23, 2012

Who really needs a pig with cowboy boots?

We've all seen it....You are in the mall, the grocery store, the park, it really doesn't matter where.  It is every mom's nightmare.
I've had a few episodes with Alice over the past few years, but last weeks tantum takes the cake.
Alice had some homework for school (this is code for mom has some homework when your kid is only in preschool).  We were to make a poster for where your family comes from.  Since we are many generations of Texans, I decided that a quick trip to the texas store would make my job easier.  Alice decided she wanted to come with me.  We go to the mall and proceed directly to the Texas Store.  I let Alice browse around while I picked out some bumperstickers and postcards to use on the poster.  I even show Alice a few items she could have if she wanted something too (Texas cup with a lid - useful in the car, a Texas tee-shirt she could wear to display her poster, ie - not crap)  However, Alice decides to zero in on a stuffed pig with a cowyboy boots. 
I tell her she has TONS of stuffed animals and we are not buying a $20 pig!  She persists so I just pay for the texas items and start to leave the store.  Alice starts to follow me, but then yells and runs back in the store and proceeds to chant "piggy piggy piggy piggy".  I tell her I alsready said no and it is time to leave.  If she leaves with me voluntarily, we can walk around the Mall.  Alice poof's out her lower lip, runs away from me to pick up the piggy and continues chanting "piggy, piggy, piggy".  I tell her she has one last chance to straighten up and then we go directly home.

Chance not taken, I take the stuffed pig away from her and put it back on the shelf, I proceed to chase my child - finally catch her and pick her up.  Alice starts to cry in earnest and I look apologetically at the store clerk.  We leave the store and Alice picks up the volume and starts to struggle saying she doesn't want to go home - she wants to play at the Mall.  As I firmly hold my squeeling, wiggling, crying child I proceed toward the exit.  Many eyes look our way as I carry my child throwing one hell of a temper tantrum, but I never loose my cool.  I just hold her firmly and talk calmly to her to explain that she was naughty and we don't reward bad behavior.
We get home and Alice spends some time in her room to cool down.  Within the hour she is snuggled up next to me reading books and coloring.  It is tempting to give in to your child for every whim, but it is a good lesson to learn, and we really didn't need a stuffed pig with cowboy boots.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Arkansas 2012

Alice and mom went with Didi, Pop, Aunt Papa, Chris and Sean to Arkansas for a little vacation. Alice is a great traveler. She requires some attention, but for the most part she is pretty easy, if you can ignore the constant chatter coming from the back seat :-).
We tried putt putt golf for the first time, went swimming each day and took a boat ride on the lake. Alice got to spent time with her 'baby' cousins. She still has a little trouble knowing which one is Chris and which is Sean, but she was sweet and patient with the toddlers. It was cute hearing them ask 'where's Alice?'