Sunday, January 8, 2012

Year of the Princess

For a few months now, Alice has been consumed by Princesses.  As seen in previous posts, she was Aurora for Halloween, and she has slowly added each princess story to her DVD collection.  For Christmas she recieved princess EVERYTHING.  She got the Princess Collection barbie(type) dolls, including a Prince to be whichever prince is called for in the story.  She got 2 mini-princess playsets (Belle and Sleeping Beauty). She got at 18" Belle and a toddler Aurora.  She got a Disney Princess game for her new leap pad, princess skates, helmet and pads, princess books, princess puzzles and princess socks, stickers and magnets. I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but you get the gist :-)
She enjoys acting out the scenes in the story and singing the songs in her endearing slightly off key voice.  Everyday we hear "who wants to play princess?" and if you don't respond "I DO!" she keeps repeating it until she gets a taker.  Princess clothes come on and off, on and off, on and off.  Lots of hair to brush, many adventures to relive. When we go out to eat Alice wants to take ALL the princesses, but usually we can contain the retenue to two princesses and a prince with a single change of clothes.

Alice's birthday is in a few days, and the obvious choice for a theme would be Princess, but mom and dad are quite literally sick of princesses.  We are supporting her princess habit in other ways however.  I'm sure we will get her more princess accessories for her birthday, but the cake for her party will be rainbows, flowers and butterflys...all things girly and loosely associated with being a Princess.

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patraphilips said...

I think she needs more princess clothes. :-)