Sunday, October 30, 2011

Star of the Week

Alice's class pick a "Star of the Week" each Friday.  This past week, Alice was the "Star".  She came home that Friday and couldn't wait to tell me she as she jumped around shouting "Mommy...I'm Star of the Week, I'm Star of the Week, I'm Star of the Week!!!!!"

As proud as I am of my Alice being the Star of the Week, this also entailed work for me....
On Monday, the Star is to bring a poster about all the things she likes and include pictures of Family and Friends.  On Saturday I visited Michaels and picked up poster board, stickers and jeweled dots. I also printed out pictures of Alice with family and friends from this past year.  If I don't say so myself...the poster turned out fabulous.  It had fun pictures, stickers of princesses, cupcakes, hearts, stars, Dora, Hello Kitty and flowers - all the things Alice loves.  I then laminated the entire poster to keep all grubby fingers from messing up the pictures ;-)  Lastly, I added jeweled dots for "treasure" around the entire perimeter, since Alice adores finding treasure.

So what happens Monday morning??? Alice wakes up with a 102 fever!  The poor Star had to stay home for 2 days and get over a cold before returning to school on Wednesday to finish up the week as the Star.
For the weekend, the Star takes home Dangles, the classroom stuffed monkey.  Dangles is to go on adventures with the Star and write in his journal about his visit.  Dangles' visit happened to fall on the weekend before Halloween.  We had already made plans to take Alice to a costume party at Sammie's house on Saturday.  Since Alice was going as Sleeping beauty, it was only natural for Dangles to go as Prince Phillip.  My next assignment included a trip to Michaels (again) to buy felt, ribbon and glue to create a costume for Dangles!

Dangles goes back to the classroom tomorrow, but I still have to create a scrapbook page and journal about Dangles' visit and his adventures at Alice's house.  We have pictures of all the places we ate at, pictures from the Halloween party, and pictures of Alice and Dangles at the house, but (as with the poster) I have the need to go above and beyond most parent's expectations.  Larry helped me post Dangles on Reddit and ask for some Photoshop help.  So, in addition to the normal adventures he had with Alice this weekend, we will be journaling about some additional adventures he had playing NBA Basketball, Climbing the San Francisco bridge, being abducted by aliens and taking a space walk.

Well....I'm off to print all the pictures :-)

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Gammy said...

The parents of the other kids in her class are going to have to be very creative to come up with anything to top this!

Alice is our star of every week!