Sunday, October 30, 2011

Prince Dangles' Visit

Princess Alice welcomed Prince Dangles into her kingdom for the weekend.  He was to accompany her to a Halloween Ball the following evening but before he could go they needed to get him fitted with his Princely attire to chaperone the princess. 
Prince Dangles was provided with a fine winter suit and a shining crown adorned with precious gems from Princess Alice’s treasury. 
While they were waiting on his attire to be prepared they dined at a local eating establishment favored by the common folk.
As they were finishing up the last of the punishingly hot local fare, Princess Alice received a call that Prince Dangles’ royal clothing and crown were ready.
At the Halloween Ball, Prince Dangles was introduced to local notables and members of the court.

 [Dr. Frankenstein – Professor of life sciences]

[Sir Skeleton –  Protector of the Relm]

After a hearty breakfast, which is customary among her people, Princess Alice showed Prince Dangles around both a terrestrial and a heavenly construction project in an effort to encourage an exchange of cultures and mutual esteem.
Above is a photo from the Kingdoms lego project to house orphan exotic animals
Photo of inspection of orbiting Netflix satellite broadcasting all Princess Alice’s favorite shows
These appearances with Princess Alice brought Prince Dangles great fame within the kingdom and even among her neighbors.  Soon he was playing with the local NBA basketball team.
Prince Dangles was so enamored with the Princess that he asked her to run away with him to his castle.  Princess Alice was flattered but told the Prince that her education must come first and that they should just remain friends until she received her doctorate.
Prince Dangles was do distraught, he got into a little trouble
Nothing was heard from Prince Dangles for some months.  The tabloids suspected foul play, but with no firm evidence the story went cold, until video footage from a convenience store security camera revealed the shocking truth.
After finding out what had happened to Prince Dangles, President Obama was able to negotiate his release.  Prince Dangles was returned unharmed and happy to be home.  He looks forward to more adventures in Room 12.

The end.......or is it??????

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Gammy said...

Dangles and halloween! How can it get better than that. :-)