Saturday, October 22, 2011

Potty germs....

For some time now Alice has been talking about potty germs and is insistent on either washing her hands or using hand sanitizer after going potty. She also has a funny move where she wants to give you a high five and then tells you that she has given you potty germs. Now you BOTH have potty germs and must wash.

At school they have been talking about germs and how they are spread. They even had a doctor come and talk to them and they did an experiment with glitter on the hands to show them how easily germs are spread from hand to hand. At first I thought it was a clever way to illustrate the point, but Alice is becoming a bit germaphobic.

Two examples....
One day Alice was cuddled up next to me on the couch watching a show. I sneezed into my hand ... Covered like we have all been taught... Alice instructs me to go wash my hands. I said I would do it later. A few seconds later, Alice scoots away from me to the other side of the couch.
Another evening and it is bath night. I start to pour the bath water and Alice needs to go potty. I lift the toilet lid for her to go. I proceed to place my fingers in the water to test the temperature. Alice looks at me in horror and tells me I have infested her bath water with potty germs. She then tells me to empty the tub and start again. When I told her it was a waste of water and I would not drain the tub, she changes her mind of where she wants to bathe, and now insists on taking a bath in her bathroom.... And by that way will get fresh bathwater.

She isn't totally consistent on the rules, but I will say that after I use the bathroom these days.... A little voice in my head sounding like Alice always reminds me to "wash your hands...."

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Treasure_tx said...

I hope this doesn't post twice - there was an error the first time:

I said I really wanted to say something funny and clever, but all I keep thinking about is how clever Alice is to get you to pour her a NEW bath :-)