Monday, July 4, 2011

Easter 2011

Alice and Mommy dunking Easter eggs.  Also, this is Alice's favorite dress lately, and since we do laundry on the weekend its almost always worn on Monday.

Alice shows daddy the progress she's making.

Even her Easter eggs get princess crowns!  She was very proud of her eggs and was being extra careful placing the crowns.  

Both of these princess eggs have been deposed and she wears their crowns and holds their fate, and that of their people in her hands.  

Alice finding her Easter eggs.  This is a rite of passage for kids and parents alike :-)  We all had fun, Alice found them all, and then we pushed her in the swings for a couple hours.  We spend a lot of family time standing around the swing set.

This is the rocket slide.  It is bright yellow, when not covered in leaves, and Alice's mom and dad rub it down with wax paper to make it extra fast.  Alice has often went down so fast that she lands a couple feet from the end on her bottom.  Her first words, "That was fast", as she gets up and heads back, usually cajoling her mom to go down next.