Sunday, October 30, 2011

Prince Dangles' Visit

Princess Alice welcomed Prince Dangles into her kingdom for the weekend.  He was to accompany her to a Halloween Ball the following evening but before he could go they needed to get him fitted with his Princely attire to chaperone the princess. 
Prince Dangles was provided with a fine winter suit and a shining crown adorned with precious gems from Princess Alice’s treasury. 
While they were waiting on his attire to be prepared they dined at a local eating establishment favored by the common folk.
As they were finishing up the last of the punishingly hot local fare, Princess Alice received a call that Prince Dangles’ royal clothing and crown were ready.
At the Halloween Ball, Prince Dangles was introduced to local notables and members of the court.

 [Dr. Frankenstein – Professor of life sciences]

[Sir Skeleton –  Protector of the Relm]

After a hearty breakfast, which is customary among her people, Princess Alice showed Prince Dangles around both a terrestrial and a heavenly construction project in an effort to encourage an exchange of cultures and mutual esteem.
Above is a photo from the Kingdoms lego project to house orphan exotic animals
Photo of inspection of orbiting Netflix satellite broadcasting all Princess Alice’s favorite shows
These appearances with Princess Alice brought Prince Dangles great fame within the kingdom and even among her neighbors.  Soon he was playing with the local NBA basketball team.
Prince Dangles was so enamored with the Princess that he asked her to run away with him to his castle.  Princess Alice was flattered but told the Prince that her education must come first and that they should just remain friends until she received her doctorate.
Prince Dangles was do distraught, he got into a little trouble
Nothing was heard from Prince Dangles for some months.  The tabloids suspected foul play, but with no firm evidence the story went cold, until video footage from a convenience store security camera revealed the shocking truth.
After finding out what had happened to Prince Dangles, President Obama was able to negotiate his release.  Prince Dangles was returned unharmed and happy to be home.  He looks forward to more adventures in Room 12.

The end.......or is it??????

Star of the Week

Alice's class pick a "Star of the Week" each Friday.  This past week, Alice was the "Star".  She came home that Friday and couldn't wait to tell me she as she jumped around shouting "Mommy...I'm Star of the Week, I'm Star of the Week, I'm Star of the Week!!!!!"

As proud as I am of my Alice being the Star of the Week, this also entailed work for me....
On Monday, the Star is to bring a poster about all the things she likes and include pictures of Family and Friends.  On Saturday I visited Michaels and picked up poster board, stickers and jeweled dots. I also printed out pictures of Alice with family and friends from this past year.  If I don't say so myself...the poster turned out fabulous.  It had fun pictures, stickers of princesses, cupcakes, hearts, stars, Dora, Hello Kitty and flowers - all the things Alice loves.  I then laminated the entire poster to keep all grubby fingers from messing up the pictures ;-)  Lastly, I added jeweled dots for "treasure" around the entire perimeter, since Alice adores finding treasure.

So what happens Monday morning??? Alice wakes up with a 102 fever!  The poor Star had to stay home for 2 days and get over a cold before returning to school on Wednesday to finish up the week as the Star.
For the weekend, the Star takes home Dangles, the classroom stuffed monkey.  Dangles is to go on adventures with the Star and write in his journal about his visit.  Dangles' visit happened to fall on the weekend before Halloween.  We had already made plans to take Alice to a costume party at Sammie's house on Saturday.  Since Alice was going as Sleeping beauty, it was only natural for Dangles to go as Prince Phillip.  My next assignment included a trip to Michaels (again) to buy felt, ribbon and glue to create a costume for Dangles!

Dangles goes back to the classroom tomorrow, but I still have to create a scrapbook page and journal about Dangles' visit and his adventures at Alice's house.  We have pictures of all the places we ate at, pictures from the Halloween party, and pictures of Alice and Dangles at the house, but (as with the poster) I have the need to go above and beyond most parent's expectations.  Larry helped me post Dangles on Reddit and ask for some Photoshop help.  So, in addition to the normal adventures he had with Alice this weekend, we will be journaling about some additional adventures he had playing NBA Basketball, Climbing the San Francisco bridge, being abducted by aliens and taking a space walk.

Well....I'm off to print all the pictures :-)


Alice and Cristy chilling out on a lazy Sunday, resting up after a serious bout of silly.

Homeland Security

Alice and Cristy were detained at a checkpoint close to the capital last weekend.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Potty germs....

For some time now Alice has been talking about potty germs and is insistent on either washing her hands or using hand sanitizer after going potty. She also has a funny move where she wants to give you a high five and then tells you that she has given you potty germs. Now you BOTH have potty germs and must wash.

At school they have been talking about germs and how they are spread. They even had a doctor come and talk to them and they did an experiment with glitter on the hands to show them how easily germs are spread from hand to hand. At first I thought it was a clever way to illustrate the point, but Alice is becoming a bit germaphobic.

Two examples....
One day Alice was cuddled up next to me on the couch watching a show. I sneezed into my hand ... Covered like we have all been taught... Alice instructs me to go wash my hands. I said I would do it later. A few seconds later, Alice scoots away from me to the other side of the couch.
Another evening and it is bath night. I start to pour the bath water and Alice needs to go potty. I lift the toilet lid for her to go. I proceed to place my fingers in the water to test the temperature. Alice looks at me in horror and tells me I have infested her bath water with potty germs. She then tells me to empty the tub and start again. When I told her it was a waste of water and I would not drain the tub, she changes her mind of where she wants to bathe, and now insists on taking a bath in her bathroom.... And by that way will get fresh bathwater.

She isn't totally consistent on the rules, but I will say that after I use the bathroom these days.... A little voice in my head sounding like Alice always reminds me to "wash your hands...."

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sweet Berry Farms

This past weekend we took Alice to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls for a Halloween event. The drive was scenic and the Farm was fun albiet crowded. We started with a pony ride, then a hay ride, then we picked flowers, stuffed a scarecrow and picked out pumpkins. We left tired but Alice had a great time. We will go back next year.... But we will arrive earlier :-)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Let's try a new place

For dinner tonight, Alice decided she wanted pizza and she wanted to go to a new place. Although not new to Larry and me, we took Alice to Mangia Pizza. She stayed seated, ate and played with her doll Blythe except for the potty break in which she chanted "I gotta to the potty" over and over while walking through the restaurant to the other customers amusement.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Flower Girl

Uncle Andy got married this past weekend. This was Alice's first wedding and she got to be a flower girl. She did a fantastic job even though she had a hard time staying quiet and still up front with the wedding party during the ceremony. It was a special day for all and Alice was excited to get a new Aunt... Aunt Jen.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Padre Island 2011

This is Alice's 5th trip to Padre, the 4th to the SHW condo. We love coming here although daddy was unable to come this time. Didi and Pop were dad's substitute for this trip.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Waiting for Halloween

Alice has been waiting for Halloween for months now. She has been waffling between Belle, Briar Rose, Daphine or a puppy! We took her to the Disney store and she finally settled on Briar Rose... Aka Aurora...aka... Sleeping Beauty. What a cutie :-)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bergie's Party

Alice is becoming a pro at birthday parties.  At first, she doesn't want to go because its not HER birthday, but once she realizes that she is going to get to have fun too....she is ready to roll.
The last party we attended was for Bergie at Chuck E Cheese.  We spent 3 hours there and Alice earned 150 tickets which she spent all on small plastic hearts and stars.  She also played air hockey for the first time.  They have a pint sized table perfect for her age and she had fun even when she hit the puck into her own goal a few times.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Alice in curlers

Alice has been trying new things lately.... Like a new haircut with bangs, and rolling her hair in curlers

Monday, August 22, 2011

First day in room 12

Alice is excited about her new class.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Easter 2011

Alice and Mommy dunking Easter eggs.  Also, this is Alice's favorite dress lately, and since we do laundry on the weekend its almost always worn on Monday.

Alice shows daddy the progress she's making.

Even her Easter eggs get princess crowns!  She was very proud of her eggs and was being extra careful placing the crowns.  

Both of these princess eggs have been deposed and she wears their crowns and holds their fate, and that of their people in her hands.  

Alice finding her Easter eggs.  This is a rite of passage for kids and parents alike :-)  We all had fun, Alice found them all, and then we pushed her in the swings for a couple hours.  We spend a lot of family time standing around the swing set.

This is the rocket slide.  It is bright yellow, when not covered in leaves, and Alice's mom and dad rub it down with wax paper to make it extra fast.  Alice has often went down so fast that she lands a couple feet from the end on her bottom.  Her first words, "That was fast", as she gets up and heads back, usually cajoling her mom to go down next.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Every day is a new day

What can I say about how fast Alice is growing up....

We have real conversations...
She has independent ideas and acts them out...

She talks about family and friends...

She has a wonderful imagination...
She can be as stubborn as an ox...
She can be as sweet as honey...

We sing and dance and recite our ABC's
She sings songs I've never heard before...

She teaches me new games...
She thinks me and her dad are funny...
but she also finds us to be insufferable ;-)