Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friday Night, Pizza Night!

Alice learned early that she loves pizza.  This led to responses of "pizza!" whenever asked what she wanted to eat.

Dad:  What do you want for breakfast Alice?
Alice:  Pizza! (followed by short pizza dance)

Dad and Mom needed to let Alice know that pizza is a treat and not something anyone should eat every day, especially for breakfast.  Our solution was to officially designate Friday night as pizza night.  She could get her yummy pizza predictably (plus let us off the hook to cook after work on Friday).  So we began responding to every request for pizza with, "Friday night is pizza night, you'll have to wait until then" or something like that.

This has seemed to work well as she no longer asks for pizza for breakfast.  Its still the dinner that gets her most excited and she loves hearing that dinner is pizza on our drive home from school on Friday.

Alice also gets excited for "Parties!" where she often gets pizza.  Just mentioning that we are going to a party gets her energized and she'll run for the door to get her shoes yelling, "Come on daddy".  She often encourages me to get out the door faster.  I'm not sure if this excitement is for possible party pizza or just for party fun.  Since she mostly plays with us at parties, I'm guessing its in large part due to possible party pizza (and cake of course but that is for another post).