Thursday, July 22, 2010


It's been a few weeks since my last post.  Things have been really busy at the Bickel household ;-)

We had our annual Independence Day weekend over the 4th of July weekend.  With Patra's twins being so young this year, and the weather also not being very cooperative, we decided to have a get together in Dallas this year. 

We spent Saturday over at Aunt Sissy's house, and Alice played with her cousins Jackson, Joci and Jules.  We got in the pool, and had a relaxing(ish) ;-) visit.  Alice got 1/2 year birthday presents from her Gammy and Paw-Paw and from the Miesse Clan.

Her lunch consisted of tortilla chips and chocolate cup cakes ;-)

On Sunday, we had a Meadows/Philips/Jacksons get together.  We had (1) 3 year old - Jackson, (1) two year old (Alice), (2) one year olds - Cooper and Case and (2) 2 month olds - Chris and Sean. 

 Of course there were the adults too.....All the kids played well together, and Chris and Sean were just passed along from female to female.

We have had a few illnesses in the past few months too.  First, we thought she had Roseola, but it turned out to be an intravirus.  Then, she was sent home with "slap cheep" aka Fifth Disease and a few weeks later she caught the Hand Foot and Mouth Disease from a kid in her class.  The Hand Foot and Mouth illness was the worse sickness we have had to deal with yet.  Alice got all her blisters in her mouth and couldn't/wouldn't swallow.  It was too painful, so she held the saliva in her mouth until it drooled all over her clothes and all over mom's too.  We were worried she would get dehydrated because she wouldn't eat or drink anything.  She was in pain and there was nothing we could do about was really heartbreaking.  Luckily, there was only 1 really horrible day and two not so bad days.  This pic was taken on day 3 on the illness, so youcan see she was starting to feel better!