Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brief Notes

Note 1:  Alice Likes Pizza
Alice likes pizza.  Last week, when asked what she wanted for breakfast she said, "pizza!" three mornings out of five.  She didn't get it for breakfast (maybe on vacation but not a school day).

Note: 2:  Alice is Talking More
Alice is talking so much more.  She is picking up words at an increasingly fast rate and putting them together into short functional sentences, at least when she feels like it :)  Her greater vocabulary range allows for much more conversation, like"what did you do at school today".   "Paint!"  Of course we knew she had painted since her finger nails were dark blue around the edges, but its so nice hearing her pick something to relay and be excited about it.

Note 3:  Alice Told Daddy, "I love you"
Alice told me she loved me for the first time this morning.  Its June 15th and my daughter loves me.  I am so happy.  I've never had a greater compliment except when my wife agreed to marry me.

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