Saturday, May 22, 2010

Miss "Independence"

Over the past few months, it had become very apparent that Alice has an opinion....specifically about what she wears.  Most mornings are a fight with tears to get her dressed because Alice only wants to wear 1 of 3 Alice-approved dresses.....and there is a ranking to which dress is her favorite, second favorite and third acceptable dress.  (#1 is "My Pink", #2 in "My Blue, and #3 is "My Lello"

She also is very specific about her shoes. She hates new shoes. Alice has to be the one to pick out new shoes because if SHE does not pick them out, you are never going to get them on her feet! Her favorite shoes are her "blwown shues". Since she started walking we have bought her the same style Buster Brown shoe. She has had this specific brown shoe with a velcro strap and a butterfly cut-out for 5 sizes.

The last pair I bought were a size 8, and when I went to buy the new shoes, I found out they are now discontinued. Luckily, I found the last pair in a size 8 on the clearance rack. I looked to see if I could buy the same shoe online, but it really is discontinued and could not find any larger sizes to pre-buy for the inevitable time she outgrows the size 8. I forsee a traumatic event in my future when Alice needs new brown shoes.

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Treasure_tx said...

oh no!!! Her favorite shoes are no more... How can they do this to you? :-)

Doesn't she like her pink sparkley shoes? I sure do *wink*