Monday, April 19, 2010

Austin Zoo

Sunday afternoon Alice and mommy went on an impromptu visit to the Austin Zoo.  Alice had not taken a nap that day, and I figured I would drive her around to see if she would catch a few Z's.  I started driving out towards the Austin Zoo thinking that if she fell asleep, I would just keep cruisin the hill country, but if she did not fall asleep, we would run around the Zoo for a few hours.  Booger Bear did not fall asleep, so we paid our fee and entered the Austin Zoo.
Alice was less interested in the animals, but more interested in seeing other kids and running around and climbing up the guard rails.  She did enjoy seeing the big CATS though.  She kept pointing and saying "kitty", and when they kept sleeping as though she wasn't there - she would yell "WAKE UP!"
They also had a train to of course we had to ride.  Alice enjoyed the ride, and the scenery was nice, but I wouldn't recommend the train to adults or older kids.  To make the ride more interesting....they had cut-outs of alien landings, faireys and gnomes, pirates, etc.  All the cut-outs were old and weather worn and made the ride kinda stupid, but the smaller kids liked pointing out the cuts-outs, so i guess they performed at an extreemly minimal level.

Overall, the trip was enjoyable and we will travel back out to the Austin Zoo again.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Are you ready for a Montage...a montage?

 Action shots from Alice's days at School