Sunday, March 21, 2010

The weather is great!

The weather is getting better and better for playing outside, and since the time change, we have more time in the evening to enjoy it.
Things to do outside:
Swing - sometimes for a hour at a time.  She also likes to dictate who gets to swing next to her "mommy wing!" or "daddy wing".
Slide - everyone slides - alice, mommy, daddy, baby (doll), pablo, tyrone, uniqua, tasha, austin, etc...
Sand / water table - everyone has their own assigned "cup" and "poon" (as assigned by Alice).
Chase - its a procession of Alice and Daddy being chased by the "monster" aka....mommy pulling the blue randomly honking car (how did mommy become the monster?????)
Ring-around the Rosies - we all spin around and fall down....then wrestle with Alice.

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