Sunday, November 8, 2009


Since Alice was little, we have been showing her movies by Hayao Miyazaki
We started with My Neighbor Totoro and Howl's Moving Castle
Graduated to Kiki's Delivery Service
and now, she is obsessing over Spirited Away

Every morning when Alice gets up her first words are "Away".  She wants to watch it morning, noon and night.  The difference with Spirited Away, is that Alice has begun to imitate and mimic the movie.

There are several scenes where Alice will copy Sen's movements and words.  The more she watches it, the more she is begining to understand it (we think....)

Yesterday and today, we saw a new development.  There is a scene where Chihiro's parents have been turned into pigs and Chihiro's is very upset.  Alice is now scared of this scene.  She starts to shake and cry along with Chihiro. 

This is very interesting and disturbing to us as parents, because she obviously understands this is an upsetting scene, and is sympathetic to Chihiro.  However, we all hate to see our children upset, so we will be forgoing this scene for a few years. 

We just hope that the scene hasn't made her afraid of pigs for the rest of her life!


Treasure_tx said...

I wonder if this is why she's been so upset in the mornings when you drop her off at school? Maybe she thinks you and Larry have turned into pigs!

Cristy said...

We are trying to redirect her to other movies for at least a few days ;-)