Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Bluebonnet School

Alice started her new school this week. 

We decided on putting her in The Bluebonnet School of Cedar Park.  http://www.bluebonnetschool.com/index.html

There are several reasons we chose this school over others - including Montessori Schools.
1.  Each classroom has a degeed lead teacher and a teachers assistant.
2. The maximum teacher/student ratio is 2/10 at all times
3. Internet classroom viewing available free to parents and family.
4. They provide lunch (this was a big negative in the Montessori Schools)
5. It is close to home - not much further away than her previous school....so convenient!

Additional coolness factors were:
6. They have their own splash park for summer water fun twice a week (summer time only of course).
7. They have a windproof storm room to withstand strong winds and tornadoes.
8. The building is fully sprinklered (you'd be surprised, but this is not required by code!)
9. Quarterly parent conferences.
10. Spanish and Music class included in the curiculum.

From viewing the internet video, it is apparent that Alice is having fun at school. 
It makes us feel happy and confident that she is being well cared for when she cannot be with us ;-)

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