Monday, August 31, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese Trip #1

Alice sitting at her friend Cade's birthday table at Chuck E. Cheese

Cristy sat with Alice helping her know what to do and what to look at. There was a lot going on and Alice was eagerly absorbing it all. She wasn't scared of the guy in the Chuck E. Cheese costume, although she wasn't looking predisposed to run up and hug him ;-) She loved her piece of pizza and ate it for over an hour until it was finished :-)

Cristy's work friend Koleman and his wife Staci hosted the party for her son Cade, and we were happy that Alice got invited to help celebrate and have fun. Koleman took several good picture (thankfully, since we didn't remember to bring our camera) of which this is one.

Alice enjoyed the party experience very much. She went straight into nap mode when we got home and slept a long time.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

One day after school

Alice had a fun day with mom and dad after school yesterday. The weather was not too hot (meaning it was just tolerable) so we all went outside for a while after dinner and to water the yard.
Alice decided that watering the yard looked fun and wanted to help. She did a fabulous job watering the grass and her clothes. Water is always fun and getting wet just means you don't feel so hot. Hmmm, now I'm thirsty....
Dad showed Alice how to drink from the hose. It took her a while to understand the concept of bending over so the water doesn't just douse your clothes, but she was wet anyways, so who cares!

Later, we went to the back yard for more playtime....sandbox, car rides, chalk art, sliding. Alice took some time to site down and have a drink every once in a while.

By the time it was definately time to go in for a bath, it was already after 8:00. She had stubbed both of her toes bloody, and had skinned her elbow, but she really could care less. She never cried about them or complained that they hurt. She's a super trooper!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Toy Box

Alice is deckout out in her retro sheik "wife-beater" shirt
contrasted with adorable embroidered jeans shorts.

Notice her matching socks and tennis shoes
that say "chase me daddy" :-)

Random Pics

Alice still plays in her cabinet, although not as much as she used to

I love this picture....she looks so sweet!

Look at those blue eyes..."anyone want a drink?"

Alice LOVES shoes...anyones shoes.

Pretty in Pink

Alice enjoying her morning breakfast.

Alice and Paw-Paw in the park

Friday, August 7, 2009

Alice doesn't feel so well...

Tonight, Alice started feeling sick. She wanted to be held, and kept wanting to go nite-nite, at 6:30. We tried feeding her dinner, but she really wasn't interested. She sat slumped in her chair watching Totoro - ocasionally perking up at certain parts of the show, but ate nothing. We gave her some tylenol and took her temp, and was 101.6 :-(
She sat on her dad's lap for a while, looking very pitiful until it was finally bedtime.
It's bittersweet cuddle time.