Thursday, July 2, 2009


Alice has been having "splash day" about once a week this summer. We bring her in her swim suit and a provide a change of clothes and her and her classmates go and run about in some sprinkling water :-) She likes to do this at home so I'm sure she likes it at school.

Alice can say "cookie" clearly. When I pick her up at school the first thing she does is run to me and say "Go". On the way home (i.e. implementation of the "Go" request) Alice's next request is "More", by which she is requesting a snack. She can almost say snack but due to the importance of the request she doesn't chance it with new words and uses "More". I have been suggesting options to her on the way home and she has learned to say, "Cookie", which is a favored option. So when we get home (i.e. "Go" accomplished) I can implement the "More" request with a cup of Milk, she is still working on that one, and a cookie which she proudly repeats as she munches it down.

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