Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cry Pillow

Alice is almost always a sweetie, but there are times when she gets so mad and frusterated that she throws a bit of a tantrum - and she's not even two yet...she is definately advanced for her age ;-)
However, we know we cannot indulge in these tantrums, especially when she has been told she cannot have her way. To keep her from hurting herself, we have created "The Cry Pillow".

When Alice must run her cry course, we place her on the play mat on her cry pillow and tell her to cry it out on the pillow.

We are close at hand, just around the corner, but far enough for her to see that we are not going to cater to her tantrum. She typically crys a few minutes, but then realizes that she is surrounded by toys...and it is much more fun to play with the toys than scream into a pillow.

We have run this tactic by our resident child development expert (Jill) and she tells us it is a good method - yay us!

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