Sunday, May 31, 2009

Alice becomes a Catfish

Tomorrow, Alice moves up to a new class called - Catfish. She started out as a Pearl, then became a Dragonfly, and now a Catfish.

There are 4 other kids in her current class who will move up with her, so she will have familiar friends with her, but mom is sad that little Alice is growing up, and so quickly now.

She now has (4) 1 year molars making her teeth grand total = 12
She is learning to manipulate the situation to her liking (which is fascinating to watch and trying at times).
She is harder to re-direct, and remembers what you took away from her
She remembers where things are kept.
She wants to try whatever you are eating/drinking.
She wants to do it herself. She is independent, but still wants you to be there to help when she gets frustrated.
She has turned into a little monkey - climbing on everything she can - and everything she shouldn't.

She can be as sweet as candy - giving you hugs, kisses and love pats.
She squeels with delite and screams when unhappy.
She runs and plays, but still falls and needs hugs from mommy and daddy.
She chants mom-ma, mom-ma and dad-da, dad-da.
She loves dancing with Daddy and can do the 'white boy dance' all by herself.
Doggies are the best things on earth.
She loves stroller rides to the park and will swing for hours if allowed.


pop said...

These pictures are precious. She is beautiful and growing so much. I love what you've written about her, a great gift Cristy. And, I love her new chair!

pop said...

I forgot I'm on Pop's computer, but that was me, Gammy. Love you all.

Treasure_tx said...

Aww - this made me tear up. I miss her ALL THE TIME. She's so pretty and becoming a big girl TOO FAST!!!