Sunday, April 26, 2009

Eeyore's Birthday Party

For years, Larry and I kept saying - we should go to Eeyore's Birthday Party, but every year - we would always miss it. Never knowing exactly when it happened, and never hearing about when it was. This year, we finally made it out!
For those of you who don't know what Eeyore's Birthday Party is (follow the link). And for those who watch South Park - we saw a real live Hippy Drum Circle. (see below)
Alice had a good time watching the interesting people, costumes and many, many DOGGIES. We saw a childrens costume contest, a walking twinkie and lots of fairys (real and imaginary...haha)
To help Alice blend in, we got her ponytail painted red. The red was cute and went with her outfit, but I think next time we will go with a pink ponytail - or maybe blue.

After a few hours of walking around, we finally headed back to the car. We had parked downtown and taken a shuttle to the event. The Shuttles were real live school buses - so Alice got her first ride on a school bus.

A whole afternoon of firsts' and fun.

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Gammy said...

How Fun! Please don't tell me they named a beer after my precious granddaughter!!! Larry J, the bus picture is great of you. You look tanned! Can that really be true? What a great day for you all. Thanks for taking pictures Cristy. Love you all.