Wednesday, November 26, 2008


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Driving Baby

Alice really likes her blue plastic car.
Alice is so much fun....alot of work-yes....but fun.

She is so interactive now. We can play mimic games - I clap/you clap - I click my tongue / you click your tongue - I shake my head / you shake your head - I make a sound / you copy the sound.

She is very expressive with the sounds she makes. Its like she is trying to say something, but someone has taped her mouth closed. She is definately trying to communicate something, but we are too dense to understand her meaning.

She is also very mobile. She loves to stand and walk along side her blue "car" almost as much as she loves riding in it.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Alice Walks!

It is amazing how fast Alice is growing and learning.
Larry told me that a few nights ago, Alice pushed the walker and walked behind it. I thought he meant that he was holding her up and helping her. Friday night, he showed me what she can do. He placed her at the back of the walker and she began franken-walking behind the walker. I was so amazed. By the next day, we had converted the walker into a push walker and Alice was cruising like a pro.
(Sorry for the poor quality - it was taken with my phone)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More adorable pics

My Sweet Little Cannibal

Alice with Aunt Ali and Sammy

Don't know how much longer I'll get to do this, but I love it for now

Alice and her new car

Another car shot!

Alice on the back porch - what a cutie!

Again....what a CUTIE!

Alice with Daddy and Ginger (and Todd's hand)

9 month stats

9 month stats:

17 lbs 9.5 oz (25th percentile)

28 inches long (80th percentile)

I took Alice to Dallas the first weekend in November. I took friday off and left with Alice for Dallas Thursday night after her dinner, bath and bottle. She was so good on the ride up...she slept the entire way. Once we got to Dallas, she woke up and was up for about 2 hours - new place - new people (not really NEW, but not wholly familiar)

Grandma Didi and Pop took care of Alice while mom got to go shopping :-) and that evening we met Aunt Papa and Uncle Paul at Northpark Mall for Halloween. We didn't want to stay at the house with the dogs barking up a storm at all the trick-or-treaters, so we strolled around the Mall. Alice was a doll, and she slept on the way home.

Saturday Alice began getting (what I thought were) bite marks on her arm, leg and belly. We were confounded as to what was bitting her because we were all on the floor with her and no one else has noticed anything. At first we thought it might be something in Grandma Didi's house, but a trip to the Doctor upon returning to Austin proved it to be an allergic reaction to the medication she was on for her ear Thrush.

Alice is now on medication for the Thrush and the spots are starting to fade and everyone is happy that Grandma Didi's is safe :-)