Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

Patra and I took Alice to a Church Fall Festival this past Saturday in Round Rock. Although there wasn't much to really see or do (some crafts, a dunk tank and a small petting zoo) Alice loved to people watch. They also had a pumpkin patch, so we brought along Alice's dragon costume to get a few pics.

'What is this big orange thing?'

'Maybe if I taste it I can tell what it is...'

"Rawr" I'm a Dragon!

World's cutest and most ferocious Dragon.

I Love the Park!

Alice loves to spend time outside. Our new favorite outdoor activity is the Park near our house. It has swings, slides, monkey bars, forts, etc... Alice is best at the swings, but will watch the other kids intently as they play on the playground and can't wait to join in. Gotta get that walkin thing down first...grrrrr.

Alice with Gammy

Grandma DiDi

Swingin' with Aunt Pappa

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My list of Achievements

Almost 9 months old - and here is what I can do:

  • Say mama, dada and baba

  • Expert crawler

  • Pull up on EVERYTHING

  • Balance with one hand

  • Feed myself a bottle
  • Blow Rasberries

  • Drink from a sippy cup

  • Feed myself cheese, puffs and cheerios

  • I finally have my 2 front teeth

  • Enjoy my favorite video (Baby Mozart) - over and over

  • Dip my face in the bath water - on purpose!

  • Play with classmates