Friday, September 26, 2008

Alice's first real vacation

We took Alice on her first official vacation this week. Mom, Dad and Baby drove 6 hours south to South Padre Island for a few days of rest and relaxation. Relaxation was pretty much all that could be done because of the rain for the first 3 days of vacation.
Dad wrote and created graphics between baby sessions, Mom napped and listened to an audio book and baby played, ate, slept, watched videos and was cute in general...all in a typical day for Alice - just in a new location and with tons of attention from Mom and Dad. We all enjoyed hanging out on the patio to watch and listen to the surf.
By day 4, the weather decided to cooperate and we got Alice out on the beach. She had fun crawling on the sand, and we had fun trying to keep her from eating it (yuck!). The most fun was mom and alice sitting in the surf and anticipating the rush of water. Alice rocked and jumped with the coming and going of the waves. She is definately not afraid of the water and getting her hands (and face) dirty.
We all had a good time just spending time together and hope to get dad back to the beach again ;-)

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