Sunday, August 17, 2008

Songs for Alice

Alice, loves to be sung to. She does not discriminate on talent, enthusiasm counts for everything. So, I've made a up a bunch of impromptu songs to keep her contented. I'm listing some here that have been sung many many times:

SONG #1:
Alice Independence!
she doesn't drink form a bottle
but from a chalice!

Alice Independence!
she doesn't live in a hovel
but in a palace!

SONG #2:
Alice says
lots of things
she likes to talk
she likes to sing

she likes to yell
she likes to scream

she likes to jump
she likes to swing

(usually devolves into spontaneous silliness at this point trying to keep it going lots of cute and toot pairings, etc. :-)

SONG #3:
BABY, your name is baby
because you poop (tickle baby's hips and sides)
and you eat (rub baby's tummy)
and you SMILE (squeeze baby's cheeks and smile)

BABY, they call you baby
because you poop (hold nose and make stinky face)
and you eat (act like you are eating something yummy like mashed carrots)
and you SMILE (smile and fan hands out next to head)

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Gammy said...

I love these new pics. Thanks Cristy!