Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More "sick" but cute pics

Alice has been sick (again) lately. At first, we thought Alice was teething, turns out she had an ear infection. This last time she had a double ear infection, pink eye AND a cold....poor baby. Of course, she got Dad sick too :-\ There has been some "talk" about possible tubes in the ears if the rate of ear infections keeps up. We'll wait and see and hope she grows out of it.
Below are some pics from the past few weeks.

"I told you I don't LIKE peas"

"Granma's Dr Pepper is yummy"

"Gimme the camera"


telomba said...

that pea comment and that look on her face oughta give you the message that she DOES NOT LIKE PEAS!!! that is pretty gross too!!! poor baby getting sick with pink eye and ear infections all at once...not good. thinking of tubes already? so soon?

AC said...

Aunt Ali says, "Keep drinking Dr Pepper! We like to get 'em when they're YOUNG!" : )