Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weekend of Visitors

"Aunt" Telaya came to meet Alice this week, and hang out with us. Alice took to her quickly with no crying :-) Saturday evening we had some additional guests over.
This pic is Alice with Stacy
Tavo is getting in some practice holding Alice - he and Deb are expecting their baby girl next month....yeah - another friend for Alice.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Songs for Alice

Alice, loves to be sung to. She does not discriminate on talent, enthusiasm counts for everything. So, I've made a up a bunch of impromptu songs to keep her contented. I'm listing some here that have been sung many many times:

SONG #1:
Alice Independence!
she doesn't drink form a bottle
but from a chalice!

Alice Independence!
she doesn't live in a hovel
but in a palace!

SONG #2:
Alice says
lots of things
she likes to talk
she likes to sing

she likes to yell
she likes to scream

she likes to jump
she likes to swing

(usually devolves into spontaneous silliness at this point trying to keep it going lots of cute and toot pairings, etc. :-)

SONG #3:
BABY, your name is baby
because you poop (tickle baby's hips and sides)
and you eat (rub baby's tummy)
and you SMILE (squeeze baby's cheeks and smile)

BABY, they call you baby
because you poop (hold nose and make stinky face)
and you eat (act like you are eating something yummy like mashed carrots)
and you SMILE (smile and fan hands out next to head)

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Alice is learning fast now.

At school, she now plays with the other kids. In the morning when I drop her off, I sit her down on the play mat with the other kids and leave her playing. Although I tell her bye-bye and give her a kiss, she is so involved with watching the other kids and reaching for that days tub of toys, she doesn't even know I've left. I stop at the closed door outside her room, and watch her for a second or two before leaving for work.

This past week, she has begun the "army crawl". When she decides she wants to get something that is now out of reach, she will lean over, lay down on her tummy, and start skooching across the floor. Alice is very proud of this recent accomplishment. She will raise up on her arms and beam a broad smile.

Alice can also pull up onto her knees...and with a little help - all the way up to standing.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Right before I caught this picture, Alice was growling and yelling for fun. When she experiences the best of moods she has started new experiments with her voice, yelling and growling in a variety of tones but at one volume setting: loud. I've been attempting to snap a picture of her mid-yell, but when the camera comes out so does her inner camera-ham. Alice sees the camera, turns, poses, and dials the cute all the way up.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

What a good eater!

Alice has really started enjoying her food the past few weeks. The teachers at school are amazed at her love for avocados and how she eats every last bite every day. She has also started drinking all 6-7 oz of milk at each feeding.

In addition to avocados, Alice also loves sweet potatoes and now CARROTS! She can down a jar of carrots in 5 minutes. I guess I'm going to have to start buying the larger jars...LOL

We have also started drinking juice. Mom waters down the juice 50% so its not so sweet or sugery, but it is a real treat every evening for Alice to drink juice as a snack before dinner. We are trying to get Alice to start feeding herself the bottle, so we put the juice in a small bottle and let her hold it and feed herself. Sometimes it gets turned around and drips all over the tray, or on Alice, but she is getting better at drinking it all by herself.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More "sick" but cute pics

Alice has been sick (again) lately. At first, we thought Alice was teething, turns out she had an ear infection. This last time she had a double ear infection, pink eye AND a cold....poor baby. Of course, she got Dad sick too :-\ There has been some "talk" about possible tubes in the ears if the rate of ear infections keeps up. We'll wait and see and hope she grows out of it.
Below are some pics from the past few weeks.

"I told you I don't LIKE peas"

"Granma's Dr Pepper is yummy"

"Gimme the camera"