Thursday, July 10, 2008

Alice Independence Day

So the first Annual Alice Independence Day has come and gone, but we hope the memories will linger and bring everyone back next year. The main swimmers of the group were Jackson, Taylor, Joci, Juliette, Aunt Cristy, Uncle Andy and Jills step-brother Matt. The swimmers all experimented with the various floatation devices, jumped off the pier and goofed off in general.

Alice was in and out of the house carried by various family members. Baby barely took any naps and preferred to be included in the activity.

When it got dark, everyone went outside to set off fireworks. Jackson, Taylor and Joci got to light roman candles, spinners and sparklers while everyone else watched.

Thanks to everyone for coming and making the day memorable. The Bickels, The Miesses, The Meadows', The Philips' and The Jacksons.

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pop said...

This was such a fun and relaxing day. The Meadows were great hosts at their lake house and the place is very nice. We enjoyed being a part and spending time with everyone there. Thank you and love, Gammy and Papa