Friday, May 30, 2008


Here is what Alice is called on a daily basis.....

Sweetie (dad and mom)
Baby (dad and mom)
Baby Girl (dad)
Pumpkin (dad)
Punkin Pie (dad)
Sweety Peety (mom)
Sweet Pea (mom)
Sugar (mom)
Booger Sugar (mom)
Munchkin (mom)
Sugar Plum (mom)
Sugar Bear (mom)
Wiggle Worm (mom)
I think I'm getting a cavity just writting down her nicknames!

Please add your nickname for Alice in the Comments so we can keep a record of them!


Treasure_tx said...

She is the slobermonkey and Miss Totsalot!

Treasure_tx said...

I think Slobbermonkey is spelled with 2 Bs though... *grin*

Cristy said...

Actually....I think Totsalot should be spelled "Toots-alot"

Treasure_tx said...

She is the SlobberMonkey and Miss Toots-Alot!
Oh, and Happy Girl!