Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm feeling better now, I think I'll go for a walk

Alice has been sick for the past couple of weeks. First she had a small ear infection in the left... that went away when on its heels came a worse infection in the other ear... ouch. Anti-Biotic twice a day. She doesn't like the taste of it, spits it out. We have to sneak it in while she's taking her bottle: 1.) Start feeding baby, 2.) Wait until baby is in the feeding zone (eyes half closed, blissed out), 3.) remove bottle from mouth, 4.) administer medicine, 5.) replace bottle before she realizes what has happened. Repeat until the whole dose is taken.

She has started feeling better. Appetite is better and crying in pain is gone (thankfully). We're hoping we can return to non-sick Alice routines soon. This was the first Alice sickness that we all experienced... Wow, that was really hard, on all of us.

Alice Feeling Better and Looking at a Very Cute Baby in the Mirror:


Technomonk said...

I just want to point out that she is the most beautiful baby. Just look at her eyes and her cute little facial expression!

Cristy said...

I couldn't agree more...and I'm not prejudice...she is just beautiful!