Saturday, April 26, 2008

New skills and experiences!

We have discovered BOOKS!
The hardboard books are the best right now because Alice grabs at the pages.
Our attention span is only one to two books right now
Alice's favorite toy right now is her Dora lovie.
Dora goes with Alice everywhere....the bouncy seat, the swing, the car seat, daycare.

Alice can now grab a toy.
Here, she shakes her maracca, and she hasn't hit herself in the head yet!

Here Alice is in her awesome garage sale find - exersaucer.
Fun story - mom and Kristin go garage saleing. We see this exersaucer with a sticker price of $35 (which is pretty good), but as I am "checking out" with some clothes for Alice, I ask about the exersaucer....the ladies husband says....I think we have it stickered at $15.00 - "SOLD"! Kristin says "quick - grab it and lets get out of here before his wife founds out how much he sold it for!"

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Lori said...

Alice is just beautiful - and you look like you are getting adjusted to 'mommyhood' just fine!! I'm so happy for you and glad you are updating this blog.