Saturday, April 26, 2008

New skills and experiences!

We have discovered BOOKS!
The hardboard books are the best right now because Alice grabs at the pages.
Our attention span is only one to two books right now
Alice's favorite toy right now is her Dora lovie.
Dora goes with Alice everywhere....the bouncy seat, the swing, the car seat, daycare.

Alice can now grab a toy.
Here, she shakes her maracca, and she hasn't hit herself in the head yet!

Here Alice is in her awesome garage sale find - exersaucer.
Fun story - mom and Kristin go garage saleing. We see this exersaucer with a sticker price of $35 (which is pretty good), but as I am "checking out" with some clothes for Alice, I ask about the exersaucer....the ladies husband says....I think we have it stickered at $15.00 - "SOLD"! Kristin says "quick - grab it and lets get out of here before his wife founds out how much he sold it for!"

Monday, April 21, 2008

TAMU fan

In recognition of Uncle Andy getting accepted into Texas A&M in Galveston, Alice has donned her TAMU jumper (given to her by Aunt Telaya).

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Alice's Dallas Debut

These are a couple of pictures from Alice's first trip to Dallas

Sleeping on Aunt Papa

Meeting Cousin Jackson

More with Aunt Papa

"Aunt" Ali

Meeting Cousin Joci

Singing with Pop

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back to Work

This week Alice spent the whole working day at daycare. The schedule goes like this....
  1. Daddy gets in the shower and gets dressed while mom wakes up baby, changes and dresses her.
  2. Daddy then takes the baby has breakfast and makes coffee while mom gets dressed.
  3. Mom takes Alice to daycare (usually) and Dad picks up Alice (usually).

The first week already had one hick-up. On Wednesday, after a long work day, I head for my car and discover that my alarm remote battery is dead...meaning I can't get into my car without setting off the alarm, which then disables the ignition. I have a second remote at home, so I got a ride home from work with Koleman. I had to catch a ride to work on Thursday with Tavo, but he goes to work early (6:30) so....Dad had to take Alice to Daycare this day, and mom left work early to pick her up.

Larry says that he enjoys his hour alone with Alice before I make it home. I am a bit jealous of the extra hour he gets to spend with her, but I did have 3 whole months at home with her, so I really can't begrudge him this little perk.

These pictures are from the morning before I head off to work and take Alice to daycare.