Sunday, March 30, 2008

First Week of Daycare

Alice attended her first week of daycare this past week. She attends the Stepping Stone daycare located near our house. Dad and I were hesitant at first to leave our one and only daughter in the care of strangers, but the teachers in Alice's class seem to be very nice people. Alice's teachers' names are Cindy, Laura and Rosa. Stepping Stone has a higher teacher to infant ratio than other daycares, which is one of the reasons we liked them so much. They also teach the babies infant sign language. This weeks word was "more". Alice is to young to get much out of the sign language lesson, but I'm glad they will be teaching it as she grows.

To ease both me and Alice into this new routine, we took her to daycare a little later then most and picked her up earlier so she was there only 1/2 days to start. She never cried when I left her, and she was always content when I picked her up. Since she is so young, hopefully this will become routine and we never have a problem with separation anxiety.

Alice's teacher Cindy was very impressed with Alice's ability to have a 'conversation'. She also says that Alice is very interested in looking around the room and watching what all is going on. She has picked Laura as her favorite teacher to feed her. She is (of course) the cutest baby in the class and one of the youngest as of now.
When we go to pick her up, we get a daily log of Alice's activities...when and how much she ate, when and how long she slept, and a list of all diaper changes.
Her nap times have increased daily so she is getting use to the typical 'noise' of the classroom and getting in good long naps. Her crib has pictures of mom and dad so she can see us even when we aren't there.
All in all, I'm happy with the experience so far. Having confidence in the care she is recieving makes going back to work at least bareable.

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