Friday, February 22, 2008

From 0 to Fussy in 5 seconds

Alice has this uncanny ability to turn on "fussy" the minute her dad gets home.

We have two names for this persona - Fussy Pants and Fussasaurus. Her pediatrician says it's probably colic, because it happens around the same time almost every day. She assures us it will get better in a couple of months, but it will probably get worst before it gets better...yeah US!

Alice is an angel in the morning. At least her dad gets to see this sweet side of her each day when he takes her while I pump and do a few chores before he leaves for work. During the day, we have ups and downs, but the full Fussasaurus doesn't emerge till evening.

When Fussy Pants rears her ugly head, there is very little we can do...keep shoving the paci into her screaming mouth, walk around with her, swing her back and forth, shush into her ear, but the two most effective calming techniques are to give her a bath (which is a temporary fix) or stand with her under the bathroom heater. Her dad figured out this last technique. It also only works for a little while, but any respite from the cries is welcomed.

Although we know there is nothing "wrong" with her that we can fix during these episodes, it is still hard to watch your little one crying and have no control.

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Aunt Sissy said...

Juliette had what I called the "whitching hour" is is supposed to be really common. But ohhh how crazy it made us. Ours was from 10pm to 11:30 pm for a couple of months. We would watch battle star G. and she would stop! So funny. Also walking outside always helped too. Have fun with all that! I am glad I am now done with that stage!