Sunday, February 24, 2008

Alice's First Trip to Village Inn

Our pre-Alice life had a weekend routine, one part of which was Village Inn. Every Sat. morning we would go get breakfast, chat about the week and generally let it sink in that we didn't have to go to work. We got to know the waitstaff and manager by sight. They noticed as Cristy got more and more pregnant. At the end they kept asking when she was due, assuming it was any minute. Alice starting coming on a Sat. morning just as we were getting ready to go to Village Inn.

We missed the weekend breakfast trip for six weeks. Our first trip back they all ask about how it all went, etc. Our second trip back was with Alice. We went very early (since we were up...) when there are almost no customers there. The manager and staff all came to look at her and we heard how cute and wonderful she was...

Alice chilled in her own seat for some time (top picture), letting mom and dad eat most of their food until she ran out of patience and was ready for her breakfast. Mom fed her a bottle (middle picture) while dad kept drinking coffee.

When I tried to pay the waitress said it was on the manager, and that we have a wonderful baby. I was beaming and carried my girl out to the car... stopping briefly for a photo op for the blog.

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Aunt Sissy said...

AWWW! She fits right in - and scored you some free food! THAT is my kinda girl!